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       Our Beautiful Willow Furniture Bring the Rustic look to any yard, patio or indoor room. California Rustic Willow offers the finest selection of willow furniture personally hand crafted by us.  We stands 100% behind our  willow furniture. It is hand cut and each piece is selected very carefully. Then steamed to make it red and pliable .  It grows in creeks, river beds and were there is allot of water.  Willow Furniture as been made for hundreds of years and dates back to Old England, it has also been know to be called twig furniture
We are a home based business and have been making quality  Willow Furniture for about 14 years. We are located  in the Central California Valley near the Yosemite Sierra Mountain. We have many of our own designs and always welcome custom and wholesale orders.  Under the right care Willow Furniture may last a life time. We hope you enjoy our site and love to here what you think so please feel free to sign our guess !

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